Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 2

Honeymoon (2014)

I liked this. It has the look and feel of a low-budget indie relationship drama. A Duplass brothers film with scares. In fact, it has a lot in common, thematically, with The One I Love, though the relationship is closer to the beginning here than the end.

Quick summary: a newly wedded couple go on their honeymoon to a cabin in the woods by a very picturesque lake. One evening, the wife (Rose "You know nothing Jon Snow" Leslie) is found sleepwalking in the woods, and starts to exhibit unusual behaviour.

Some nice paranoid, is-our-relationship-going-to-be-different-now? stuff in there. Very well shot by director Leigh Janiack. And I liked the genre-hopping conclusion.

Favourite ridiculous line from paranoid, over-sensitive husband: "You've never forgotten how to make French toast." (Kill her! She's obviously possessed or INSANE!!!! Get out man! ALL is FUCKING lost!)

Lewton Bus Count: 0.

One Last Scare? No. Very understated, Wyndham-esque end.

I also watched:

Unfriended (2014)

Quick summary: Playing out entirely on one character's laptop screen, we watch a bunch of teens skyping with each other after a mutual schoolfriend committed suicide. But someone else is on the call with them.

Yeah, this was great. This generation's Blair Witch Project - in that low-budget, high-concept, zeitgeisty way - but I think this was a more successful film. I felt this actually had things to say - about bullying and online harassment. And it was structured very smartly. I bet we're going to get a rash of similar films to this in the same way found-footage movies became a staple after BWP.

As fun as they were, it's a shame they decided to go for a few OTT Final Destination style deaths as they felt tonally very different to the rest of the film which built up the suspense with expert timing (I bet this film was a nightmare for the editor).

Best "Yes, I work here too" moment: Teenagers explaining to each other what an online troll is.

Lewton Bus Count: 0. Starting to think this tally thing was a bad idea.

One Last Scare? Nope. Two very different contemporary horror films keeping the clich├ęs to a minimum! Oooh, and neither purported to be based on true events.

Tonight: Think I'll give an RKO studios horror a try this time with Cat People (1942).