Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 4

The Borderlands (2013)

"Have a cracking day mate! Good luck with Edward Woodward!"

Quick Summary: A reopened church in the secluded English countryside. Three employees of the Vatican need to investigate claims that a miracle happened there. But was it a miracle or something more sinister? You are correct. It is of course, the latter.

Another found footage movie - which can often get in the way of suspension-of-disbelief toward the latter half of a horror film. But this quickly tackles that with a couple of lines about the Vatican and time discrepancies and then you forget about it by and large. Also, go-pro headsets really do solve the "just put the camera down!" problem.

This was really good fun. Rec meets The Wicker Man. It has a nice, steady, slow build and a genuinely chilling final act which largely succeeds because the filmmakers invested enough time in making the relationship between the main characters, Deacon and Gray, work. There was a little too much of the main characters unthinkingly throwing themselves into dangerous situations - which pulled me out of it at times - but in fairness, these are characters who spend their time debunking "miracles" so they probably wouldn't be all that concerned about rocking up to a clearly haunted/demonic church. At night. Alone. With one barely functioning flashlight.

Genuinely didn't see that ending coming.

Lewton Bus count: 1 use of a character playfully scaring another.

Tonight: Think I'll stay this side of the pond for another evening and watch the apocalyptic TV movie Threads (1984). If I have enough time, I might try to fit Peeping Tom (1960) in too.