Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 5

Threads (1984)


That was one of the grimmest cinematic experiences I've had. A film that, correctly if bleakly, presents the best-case scenario of a nuclear attack as getting caught in the initial blast.

It's an astonishing film. Starting out as a kitchen-sink drama about two families in Sheffield, and steadily becoming a very realistic, public information film of what would happen to the UK in the event of a nuclear attack. The occasional, documentary style, matter-of-fact narration is sometimes the creepiest part. Presenting dire statistics in an even, uncaring tone as we watch the characters suffer unending horrors.

While the threat of a nuclear war may not be as pressing in 2015, what the film really hits home is how quickly "normal" life can crumble away.

I had a re-listen to this episode of Film Fandango (in which they discuss Rock of Ages and Threads - an unlikely double bill) while doing the above drawing - it was like listening to a Threads support group.

Tonight: I'm going to need something a little sillier I think, so Hellraiser (1987)it is.