Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 6

Hellraiser (1987)

Quick summary: Garak from Deep Space Nine's sexually adventurous brother Frank seeks further heights of pleasure/pain from a box that can open a portal to pioneering S&M hell-demons. Also, a chap who resembles Alan Moore walks around eating insects and intimidating Garak's daughter before revealing his true winged skin demon form. So pretty standard, seen-it-all-before stuff...

A welcome change of pace today. A man's chest got impaled by hooks from a mystical box within 3 minutes of the film starting. I found this oddly comforting after the grim, harsh realities of Threads.

Apparently, the film's working title was Sadomasochists From Beyond the Grave. And a 60 year old female production member suggested it should be called What a Woman Will Do For a Good Fuck. So there you go.

I burst out laughing when Kirsty - Garak's daughter - finds herself playing slapsies with a weird dog-like flesh creature in the final act.

Glad I've finally watched it - it's always been one of those horror films we're all meant to have seen. It's got a playfulness and imagination that I can definitely see the appeal of. If nothing else, it's responsible for one of the most iconic creature designs in horror - Pinhead (or "Priest") - who was surprisingly barely in the film. Ultimately, not sure I enjoyed it enough to chase down the other films in the series, but we'll see. October's only just got started.

Lewton Bus count: Really should just abandon this tally as I've realised no movie has more than one Lewton Bus as that tests the credulity of the audience. But I had to give a shout out to the great monkey screech sound cue when Kirsty's friend puts his hand on her shoulder.

Tonight: Time for a bit of Asian horror I think. Going to start with Dark Water (2002) - yet another embarrassing gap of mine - and follow up with Shutter (2004) if I get the chance.