Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 10

Village of the Damned (1960)

Quick summary: No-one can enter the quiet town of Midwich for a few hours due to everyone in the area being compelled to sleep - sort of like the first ever flash-mob. It's then discovered that all the Midwich women of child-bearing age are pregnant with Draco-Malfoy-type psychic aryan children.

The film sticks very closely to the original book by John Wyndham, including a slightly rushed final act that doesn't completely satisfy - but the "think of a brick wall" telepathic defence stuff was very effective. And good to see Miles from The Innocents making a career for himself as the go-to creepy sixties kid.

Tonight: Feeling a bit ill and basic today, hence a shorter blog, so I'm going to go for satanic-cult meets pursuit-of-fame horror - Starry Eyes (2015).