Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 14

Jug Face/The Pit (2013)

"The Pit wants what it wants."

Quick summary: A teenage girl - Ada - tries to avoid being sacrificed to The Pit by her woods-based community who choose the next victim on the tried and tested possessed-potter-carves-a-face-on-a-jug system.

Continuing a bit of a "folk horror" run but relocating to America for a bit of Southern Gothic oddness. Moonshine! Incest! Someone playing the spoons!

It's a weird film in that it isn't particularly scary, and we are given most of what we need to understand what the supernatural element is very early on (to the extent that a series of child's crayon drawings explain the history of The Pit in the opening credits) - so there's little mystery to the proceeding events. But the film instead focuses on world-building this woodland community and creating a tense, moody, claustrophobic atmosphere of inevitability.

The acting was strong. I thought Lauren Ashley Crawford as Ada was particularly good, and it was nice to see Sean Young again.

This was produced by Modernciné - who I keep seeing referenced by horror fans - so I should maybe try tracking some of their other movies down. Advice on where to start would be welcome!

Has a great, atmospheric soundtrack by Sean Spillane. Reminded me a little of Albarn's Ravenous soundtrack.

Tonight: Think it'll be Martin (1977) next. Going to be hard to fit in more than one film a day from this point sadly.