Tom Humberstone


horror month - day 20

Cronos (1993)

Quick summary: An ageing antiques dealer discovers the 'Cronos device' - an object that is said to prolong the life of it's owner. But at what cost? And who else wants it?

As with Martin, this is another contemporary exploration into vampires that attempts to de-romanticise them - this time filtering them through addiction and alchemy.

It's the first feature film by Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro's films were often suggested to me when I started asking for horror film recommendations for this month, but Cronos was the only one I had never gotten around to watching. I'm really happy I finally filled in the gap. You can see a lot of the visual hallmarks of Del Toro in there, and there are even familiar character archetypes and thematic elements that find their way into things like The Strain.

Nineties Ron Perlman in a turtleneck people.

There's an old AV Club interview with Del Toro I found where he talks about watching the film again 20 years on, and how he has finally fallen in love with it again - you can read it here.

Watching this has reminded me how much I enjoy Del Toro's films and has made me very excited to see Crimson Peak. I'll also probably try and re-watch my favourite - The Devil's Backbone - if I can fit it in!

Tonight: Going to give The Haunting (1963) a go.