Tom Humberstone


horror week

I really enjoyed last year's Horror Month and wanted to return to it this year despite the hefty workload it turned out to be. But, after moving home from London to Edinburgh in September, the timing wasn't quite right to dive into a month-long Horror binge. Internet needed to be set-up for starters.

Still, I couldn't let Halloween 2016 pass without doing something, so I decided I'd try and do a shortened version of my Daily-Horror-Film-Plus-Illustration challenge in the final week (or more accurately, the final 10 days) of October. Starting on Friday 21st and finishing on Halloween.

The plan, like last year, is to try and watch double bills each night, then draw an accompanying illustration for one of the films the following day.

I saved the list of film suggestions from last year as I hadn't managed to work through them all (there were hundreds). It's here with some new additions - throw me more suggestions on twitter if you think I'm missing anything.

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