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Solipsistic Pop Volume 4

Solipsistic Pop Volume 4


Book Four of Solipsistic Pop is the largest and most ambitious volume yet – with 80 pages, 30 artists, a larger print-run of 1,000, and extensive interactive material that makes full use of the joy of the printed artefact.

The theme for Book Four is Maps and each contributor has created a comic inspired by the visual vocabulary of cartography, circuit diagrams and flowcharts.

A large folder designed by John Miers houses the book and additional elements - including three postcards that have been specially printed to encourage the reader to travel with their comics. A local-area bingo checklist by Oliver East, a glow-in-the-dark comic by Takayo Akiyama, and a plantable seeded comic by Jenny Robins.

A wraparound book cover by Stephen Collins is protected by a large A2 poster/dustjacket designed by Katie Green.

Featured artists: Takayo Akiyama / Kristyna Baczynski / Dan Berry / Joe Blann / Stephen Collins / Paul Harrison Davis / Joe Decie / John Cei Douglas / Oliver East / Nick Edwards / Marc Ellerby / Paul Francis, Katie Green / Isabel Greenberg / Howard Hardiman / Ste Hitchen / Tom Humberstone / Joe List / Lizz Lunney / John Miers / Kathryn Newman / Luke Pearson / Philippa Rice / Jenny Robins / Edward Ross / Alison Sampson / Anna Saunders / Matthew Sheret

ISBN: 978-0-9570519-0-4

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